Stunning Landscape From the Turn of the 21st Century

Organized in 1691, King and Queen County is a richly-forested landscape interspersed with wide open fields and the occasional winding road following a creek or stream. It is the longest county in Virginia, spanning an area of 315 square miles. In 2020, the county had a population of 6,608 residents.

Nestled in the triangle of I-95, I-64, and Route 17, King and Queen County provides the charm of a serene southern hometown, with all the practicality of today’s 21st century.

High-speed internet powers the county’s companies to produce big business results and gives access to the highest level of learning amongst students and employees.

The county is served by U.S. Primary Route 360 (east/west), State Route 33 (east/west), State Route 721 (north/south), and State Route 14 (north/south).The County’s western boundary is the Mattaponi River that has a 9-foot channel up to Walkerton and a 7-foot channel up to Aylett. The Mattaponi flows into the York River at West Point in King William County. There is public access to both the Mattaponi and York Rivers. In addition there are opportunities to purchase waterfront properties.